Chase Life Intensive

The Exclusive Programme That Shows You How to Overcome Binge Eating Permanently and Crush Debilitating Imposter Syndrome and Chronic Stress to Give You Better Relationships, Unstoppable Confidence and the Body You’ve Always Dreamed Of — In Just 8 Weeks

Where do you see yourself in 2 month’s time?

Battling your mind and body for days trying to silence binge urges that are screaming at you louder and louder? Waking up the day after a binge still feeling guilty and that you’ve undone all of your progress… even though you told yourself today would be a clean slate and you’d just “start again”, so your thoughts immediately turn to what you can eat for breakfast that will “offset yesterday’s failure”?

Measuring out morsels for your lunch in advance, then sitting down at your desk trying not to burn holes in your colleague’s head as they munch through a packet of biscuits, then having to pretend you’re not hungry when they offer you a couple?

Getting stressed when a meeting didn’t go as planned, your workload doubled in mere hours, and you forgot that you promised your mum that you’d run her into town to pick up some shopping, so that when you finally get back home for the night, you head straight for the kitchen to binge, then feel guilty and fudge the numbers on your calorie-tracking app?

If only you could lose weight without binge eating and get a better coping mechanism for your stress — life would be so much easier, and you’d be so much happier. You’re a strong, intelligent woman, after all… it can’t be that hard.

But the trouble is, you’ve tried.

You’ve done all the diets, followed the sage advice of weight loss “experts” who tell you one week that intermittent fasting will solve all your problems, then tell you the next that you can lose weight by eating every 3 hours. You even once threw out all the solids in the house and stocked your shelves with jars of baby food because, well, you were desperate, and it worked for your friend’s cousin’s hairdresser’s sister. You’ve been hypnotised, you’ve bought and read all the self-help books, and maybe even you have tried therapy.

But you’re still stuck, struggling to stop binge eating and all the while feeling more like a fraud and less like the confident, assured woman you present to everyone around you.

The real reason none of these “fixes” have worked for you is that they’re designed to treat the symptoms — often temporarily — and not the cause.

When you go on a diet, foods become good and bad, and the “bad” stuff is usually what you enjoy the most. So you deprive yourself of it, but that makes you fixate on it even more. Of course you’re going to binge! There’s also the issue that diets aren’t sustainable. You may lose weight in the short term, but what woman wants to eat nothing but cabbage soup for the rest of her life? So when you eventually stop, you only have to so much as catch a glimpse of carrot cake in the bakery window to put all the weight back on.

And on top of all that, depriving yourself of food makes you miserable. But when the urges become too much and you binge, the relief and emotional satisfaction are quickly replaced with the guilt that you fucked up. It’s a never-ending, self-perpetuating cycle, and before you know it, you’ve been so busy falling off the merry go round and climbing back on again that you haven’t noticed that the world’s spinning and you can’t stand still.

That’s why we created the Chase Life Intensive programme.

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Stop Binge Eating Permanently, Manage Anxiety and Be the Empowered, Attractive and Happy Woman You Desire

Worry that you’ll forever be reading food labels to see how many calories and how much saturated fat are in your favourite snacks? Or never being able to eat a few pieces of chocolate without it leading to gobbling up the entire bar?

Freeing yourself from emotional eating doesn’t have to be a pipe dream — in fact, it’s right within your grasp.

But it can only happen when you make 5 powerful shifts from within. It’s these shifts that we walk you through in the Chase Life Intensive programme, and the results can be incredible. Not only will achieve the body you’ve always wanted and look and feel sexy, but you’ll also have complete ownership of your thoughts and emotions, you’ll be assertive, and you’ll have unstoppable confidence.

Here’s a taste of what you’ll discover in the Chase Life Intensive programme..

How to control your portions without exhausting mental arithmetic or obsessing over the “right” amount

The trick to rewiring your brain that makes you less dependent (both on vices and other people) and vulnerable — even when life throws a curveball that leaves you upset, stressed and frustrated!

Why urges can sometimes feel like your brain is screaming, “Fuck it, just this once…I promise this is the last time”

The secret to enjoying your favourite foods on a regular basis and achieving your fitness goals at the same time (This takes your mind out of the “deprivation mode” that ruins all diets and endlessly perpetuates the binge cycle — master this and overcoming binge eating will be so much easier)

How to develop true self-confidence (This strategy works because it comes from the inside, not out, and when you do it, issues that have kept you awake at night for years, like niggling self-doubt and the constant need for validation, instantly disappear by themselves — booting your brain out of survival mode and giving you the emotional freedom to permanently eliminate binge eating from your life)

Why how you’ve been taught to think of overcoming emotional issues as long, slow and painful is completely wrong… and how getting over low self-esteem, chronic stress and perfectionism is dramatically fast, and doesn’t involve digging into your painful past and “talking about it”

In our signature Chase Life Intensive programme, we’ll work one-on-one with you over 8 weeks to change your relationship with food from the inside-out (unlike other consulting options and therapies that support an outside-in approach — which is why they don’t work!). Your programme is tailored entirely to you so that it works for your life and unique situation, teaching you the strategies that create lasting behavioural change.

You may only work with us for 8 weeks, but the results you’ll achieve will last for the rest of your life, and it’ll be so natural that you won’t even consciously realise that you’re eating the foods you love without obsessing over the numbers, worrying about working it off at the gym, or spiralling into a binge.

But working with us at Chase Life is by application only. You must be ready to make profound changes in your life. You must be an action-taker, a woman of integrity who doesn’t put in anything less than 100%.

You must strive for greatness, and be committed to investing in yourself and prepared to grab hold of the steering wheel, silence the back-seat drivers and navigate your way to a happier and more fulfilling life free from emotional eating. It won’t always be easy, and there will be speed bumps for you to overcome. But instead of simply showing you where they are so that you can swerve them, we’ll show you how to flatten the road completely — and we’ll be right there riding shotgun during the whole trip.

Only you can sit in the driver’s seat.

Apply for your free 90-minute deep-dive call and discover whether Chase Life Intensive is the right fit for you and get clarity on the hidden blind spots that are holding you back from overcoming binging, low confidence and self-sabotage, and keeping you stuck in a never-ending and exhausting cycle.

Success Stories

Thousands of women just like you, from lawyers and doctors to business owners, veterinary surgeons, writers and more in the US, UK, Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong and beyond have discovered how to stop emotional eating and attain the bodies they want. They’ve stopped chasing uncertainty and fear and started chasing life. 

Listen to the stories of some of the women who have worked with us to transform their bodies, careers, relationships and entire lives. Maybe you’ll be our next success story…