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Stop Emotional Eating Permanently, End the Cycle of Binging and Guilt and Finally Take Control of Your Thoughts, Emotions and Habits to Transform Your Life and Feel Like the Unstoppable,
Confident Woman You KNOW You Are

You’re a driven, motivated, ambitious go-getter with a successful career.
You likely project yourself as powerful, confident and assertive to others.
So why don’t you believe it?

You might even be thinking… “But I’m a strong, intelligent woman! Why the hell can’t I get a grip on my food issues?”

When you’re stuck in the cycle of binge eating, it can feel like you’re constantly hanging on the edge. You think you’ve got this, but then your grip begins to weaken, and a force you can’t control is tugging, and then pulling and then tearing — and you have to let go.

But “talking” about your problems or reading yet another self-help book is like being given a grand promise and constantly teased with it, all while making zero progress towards your end goal. And on top of that, you’re being forced to relive your past struggles, failures and trauma! But with seemingly every other programme, book or coach making the same big promises without giving you the tools and support you need — or worse, the wrong tools — what choice do you have?

Chase Life Consulting is the solution for women who have had enough, and it works.

The truth is, it takes a total mindset transformation to stop overeating and binging so that you can design the body and lifestyle you want — one that’s not dominated by constant thoughts of food, one that’s not spent categorising “good” and “bad” foods day in, day out.

Chase Life’s elite female consulting is exclusively for women who have drawn a firm line in the sand and refuse to go another day without fixing their food issues so that they can stop binging and achieve the body and confidence they desire.

We’ve helped 1,000s of women from all corners of the globe to overcome emotional eating by entirely transforming their mindset and breaking through the emotional blockages causing them to overanalyse, constantly seek perfection and approval, be scared of failure, and feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious and not good enough.

We have an unrivalled success rate, there’s no bullshit and we play hard — and we expect that from you too. So if you refuse to wait for the diet fairy to visit you while you sleep and wave a wand to magically stop your binging, and if you have too much pride and ambition to sit and do nothing, waiting for time to be on your side, you may be the perfect fit for our exclusive, invitation-only programme for passionate and determined women who will never settle for anything less than total freedom, clarity and confidence.

Get the Free Guide: Discover the 5 Shifts You Need to Make for a Happier Life, a Healthier, Fitter Body and Total Freedom from a Life Dominated by Food

If you’re exhausted with your love-hate relationship with food, fed up with how it’s insidiously destroying your relationships, social life and even your performance at work — so slowly and silently that you don’t even realise it — and you wish you could avoid binging not just for a day or a week, but for good, this guide will show you how to stop emotional eating and finally take back control of your life and body.

In this 16-page guide to kicking comfort eating to the curb, you’ll discover…

  • The real reason the urge to binge feels like a fuck it scenario where your brain is telling you to eat NOW
  • How conventional wisdom and traditional “solutions” don’t actually work — and why they can actually be doing more damage
  • The small fortune you’re spending on binge food — to the tune of thousands a year — and the 5 shifts you can make over just 8 weeks to not only recoup that cost but to make even more money!

Feel Like the Unstoppable, Confident Woman You KNOW You Are

of Women Helped
Weeks Working Together
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Crucial Shifts

Meet the Coaches Who Can Help You Stop Binge Eating, Eliminate Anxiety and Control Your Stress

If you’re anything like our clients, you’re a self-motivated, hardworking woman who wants the best in life. But you don’t just want the high-powered job, the happy, gorgeous family and the buzzing social life. You want to end the struggle with binging, emotional eating and self-sabotage for good. You’re sick of constantly rebounding and have decided “enough is enough”.

But more than that, you want emotional freedom — freedom from obsessive thoughts about food and your body that dominate your every waking moment. You want to finally feel sexy, happy and confident in your skin, and to believe with every fibre of your being that you are good enough.

Chase Life Consulting was founded in 2015 by husband-and-wife team David and Rachel Godfrey, who use their expertise in female weight loss, disordered eating and chronic worry to deliver powerful body and mind transformations for busy executives, professionals and high performers. Using 30+ years of combined experience, Rachel and David have an unrivalled track record of success showing women how to stop binge eating and creating lasting behavioural change so that they can get the body and life transformation they seek.

Success Stories

Thousands of women just like you, from lawyers and doctors to business owners, veterinary surgeons, writers and more in the US, UK, Australia, Dubai, Hong Kong and beyond have discovered how to stop emotional eating and attain the bodies they want. They’ve stopped chasing uncertainty and fear and started chasing life. 

Listen to the stories of some of the women who have worked with us to transform their bodies, careers, relationships and entire lives. Maybe you’ll be our next success story…

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