About Rachel & David Godfrey

And How They Created the Industry Powerhouse That Has Helped Thousands of Women Stop Binge Eating, Manage Their Stress and Become Confident and Happy in Their Careers, Relationships and Lives

Who Chase Life Helps

Since we started Chase Life Consulting in 2015, and in the decades previous that we’ve specialised in female fat loss and emotional and behavioural change, we’ve met thousands of women who seem to have it all.

They have an amazing work life, either climbing the career ladder or successfully running their own businesses. They have a great family life, or know exactly what they want from a relationship and refuse to settle for anything less than they want and deserve. They’re self-motivated, ambitious and hardworking. But beneath it all…

They’re stressed, frustrated, unhappy with their weight and stuck in a torturous relationship with food that causes them to obsessively track their calories and deprive themselves of the food they’re craving… which leads to them binging in secret and feeling like a fraud!

They’ve tried everything. They’ve restricted the food they eat, hoping that “calories in versus calories out” alone will help them break their weight loss plateau. They’ve exhausted their gym memberships. They’ve read all the self-help books on emotional eating, and they’ve even paid hundreds per session for therapy to talk through their problems, which only leads to them opening painful past wounds and feeling even more disheartened. And worst of all, none of these so-called solutions have worked!

But the biggest thing these women have in common? They’ve had enough. They’ve drawn a line in the sand and refuse to wait for the diet fairy to make all their problems disappear. They’re done clinging to the hope that maybe tomorrow will be the day when they wake up and the first thought in their mind isn’t one of dread because they have a birthday party or work do to attend where they know they’re going to struggle not to binge.

Maybe you’ve had enough too?

That’s why we developed the exclusive Chase Life Intensive programme, which helps you overcome binge eating for good, develop a healthy relationship with food (one that’s intuitive, easy and doesn’t require obsessive thinking and constant planning), manage stress, send impostor syndrome packing and feel confident, assertive and sexy. 

The reason we boast an unrivalled success rate is partly because we’re very selective. We don’t work with women who are not 100% ready and committed to make the space for huge, transformational change in their lives. But we do work with women who refuse to make excuses; who embrace the future, instead of staying stuck in the past.

But the biggest reason behind our programme’s success lies in how we work. It’s unlike anything you’ll ever find in a book or some 500-dollar course that tells you what you already know and only exists to upsell you onto something bigger (and let’s be real, you’ve taken more than enough of those)… because we don’t treat the symptoms — we dive deep into your problem at its source so that you not only know how to stop binging, but you rewire your brain so that it doesn’t become your default response to stress.

If you’re ready to get help with your compulsive eating habit and want to discover the best stress management techniques and finally feel confident and unstoppable, you can learn more about the programme and apply for a free 90-minute intensive call, where we’ll dig into your ultimate goals and current roadblocks to develop a custom plan that lets you stop emotional eating for good.

Feel Like the Unstoppable, Confident Woman You KNOW You Are

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“But Why Are You the Right People to Act as My Confidence Coaches and Help Me Stop Compulsive Eating?”

You might be wondering why we’re qualified to help you, and that’s good! When it comes to working one-on-one with a coach to address highly personal issues that have been bringing you down for years and maybe even decades, you can’t just pick a name out of a hat. You need to trust them and know that they have the experience and expertise to help you.    

David Godfrey

Author | Speaker | Peak Performance Coach | Specialist in Emotional and Behavioural Change

With over 15 years of experience David has helped thousands to overcome conditions including depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, disordered and compulsive eating, phobias and addiction.

His direct and innovative approach combined with the unique ability to produce rapid and lasting change for his clients — even if they’ve struggled for years — has made David one of the UK’s most in-demand, influential and reputed life coaches.

In 2015, he met Rachel, who, at the time, was looking to expand her fitness coaching business, and the rest is history!

Joining forces with Rachel bridged the gap and sparked something totally unique and different in the industry: an exclusive, results-driven service around emotional fitness that shows women how to stop binge eating and finally get the body and life transformation they seek.

Today, David is a father of two and the author of the 5-star rated Think Straight, Lose Weight: The Revolutionary Way to Regain Control and Create the Body You Love. As the co-founder of Chase Life, he continues to develop powerful systems that help women create permanent, sustainable and life-changing transformations in spite of the challenges they often face in their lives and in themselves.

Rachel Godfrey

Physiotherapist | Female Fat Loss and Health Consultant

With a reputation as one of the world’s leading consultants and top influencers on female health and fitness, Rachel had been helping women long before Chase Life. She’s worked as a trainer of to high-performing women all over the world and been a cover girl for Oxygen magazine, where she discussed her role as an elite female coach and shared her top tips for feeling confident, developing the right mindset and balancing a busy lifestyle with achieving your body goals.

As she worked with more and more women, she began to see prevalent patterns of behaviour that were major roadblocks to successful body transformation, especially binge or emotional eating driven by chronic stress, perfectionism and low self-worth.

So Rachel started expanding into behavioural change so that she could have an even bigger impact on her client’s lives, but what she actually found was completely unexpected — David! She jokes that not only did she find the missing link in her business and professional life but a husband too!

A new business, move to the United Arab Emirates and two gorgeous children later, Rachel continues to use her 15 years of experience and unapologetic, no-BS approach to fat loss to empower and inspire high-value women to take massive decisive action, raise their standards, play a bigger game and ultimately overhaul their businesses, relationships and lifestyles.

Your Success Stories

We’re proud to share the stories of some of the women who have worked with us to transform their bodies, careers, relationships and entire lives. Maybe you’ll be our next success story…

Only you can sit in the driver’s seat.

Apply for your free 90-minute deep-dive call and discover whether Chase Life Intensive is the right fit for you and get clarity on the hidden blind spots that are holding you back from overcoming binging, low confidence and self-sabotage, and keeping you stuck in a never-ending and exhausting cycle.

Get the Free Guide: Discover the Changes You Need to Make for a Happier Life, a Healthier, Fitter Body and Total Freedom from a Life Dominated by Food

If you’re exhausted with your love-hate relationship with food, fed up with how it’s insidiously destroying your relationships, social life and even your performance at work — so slowly and silently that you don’t even realise it — and you wish you could avoid binging not just for a day or a week, but for good, this guide will show you how to stop emotional eating and finally take back control of your life and body.

In this 16-page guide to kicking comfort eating to the curb, you’ll discover…

  • The real reason the urge to binge feels like a fuck it scenario where your brain is telling you to eat NOW
  • How conventional wisdom and traditional “solutions” don’t actually work — and why they can actually be doing more damage
  • The small fortune you’re spending on binge food — to the tune of thousands a year — and the 5 shifts you can make over just 8 weeks to not only recoup that cost but to make even more money!